Exploring natural remedies to get well and stay healthy

Researching natural remedies first became important when my children were small and I realised that going to a medical practitioner meant taking home bags full of antibiotics and other synthetic drugs that could well contain harmful products e.g. alcohol as preservative in cough mixtures.

So I started exploring natural remedies

• Vitamins
• Herbal remedies
• Nutrition
• Home remedies
• Homeopathic remedies

In this section I apply the knowledge I gained from reading the books of Adele Davis, a well known guru on vitamins who did extensive research on the subject. I used these books as a “doctor in the house” while my kids were growing up.

Herbal remedies
On my quest for better health, herbal remedies presented itself as a useful alternative for synthetic drugs.

We are what we eat could never be over emphasised. Here we will explore the reaction of our bodies to the food that we eat

Home remedies
Normally, these solutions to common diseases, ailments and disorders may make use of natural substances found in your kitchen cupboard.

Homeopathic remedies
The principle of homeopathy is based on the practice of treating like with like. Therefore a better understanding of the emotions and mind and body of the patient is necessary for these treatments to be effective.

We are responsible for our own health. It is very necessary to check with a medical practitioner before taking matters into you own hands.

But going to a medical practitioner with flu and suggesting to him that you would rather take vitamin C and garlic than antibiotics will clearly indicate that you want to be responsible for your own health and are not interested in quick fixes of the symptoms without curing the cause.

Knowing what your natural alternative treatments are before visiting the medical practitioner will enable you to discuss these with him/her.