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Normally, the solutions to common diseases, ailments and disorders may be found in everyday ingredients stored in your kitchen cupboards, such as herbs, spices etc. Exploring the home remedies for the differrent diseases or ailments you will discover that honey can be used as a face mask and campher cream relieves chillblains and much more.

The popularity of Home Remedies is on the rise as more and more people want to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. You know your body best and will therefore have a more holistic approach when taking charge of your health and wellbeing, for instance if you have a problem skin you will know whether your diet is to blame, maybe it is because you were a bit under the weather lately or you had to deal with extra stress. Knowing this you are in an excellent position to choose the right remedy for you.

Making use of Home Remedies puts less stress on your budget as you might already have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard or alternatively it may be cheaper to buy than their pharmaceutical counter parts.

The Home Remedies collected here are not risky alternatives to medical advice, but rather aims to inform you of alternative self-help solutions to some of your common diseases and ailments.

Although these remedies are safe under normal circumstances, they are not necessarily supported by medical studies and may not apply standard medical methodologies and practices, please keep in mind that a persistent or serious medical condition should always be treated by a medical professional.

Listed below are the ailments/diseases we have a home remedy for.
Select one and then read through the many solutions we have to find the one best suitable for you.

  • Acne
  • Chilblains/Winters Feet
  • Cracked Finger Tips
  • Yeast Infections

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