Sooth and and repair cracked finger tips

It’s not very clear why finger tips crack, split open or look chipped, however this problem is most common in winter so dry skin is the first suspect!

People who tend to wash their hands a lot are most likely to suffer from this.

If thyroid hormone levels drop to low skin becomes dry and can result in cracked finger tips.This can also be caused by fungal infections.

There are very little symptoms that can be associated with cracked finger tips, the only ones that I know of are small cracks on the tips of your fingers and around the cuticle area, this can also look like the bottom of your finger tip is chipped. It becomes very painful when peeling fruits like oranges.

Treating and preventing cracked or chipped finger tips:

  • Rub tea tree oil onto the affected area: tea tree oil acts as an antifungal agent
  • Moisturize your hands regularly
  • Change your bath soap to something that contains more oils and less harsh chemicals
  • Hydrous Lanolin used as moisturizer will also help in treating cracked finger tips.
  • Protecting your hands from dishwashing water and detergents will play a big role in preventing your finger tips from cracking or chipping.
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